Cyclologic Deals


Hey everyone, I think a code for the fit was missing from the newsletter. It is “triscottsdaleLogic”. Here are the all the deals. – jb

Support Your Local Bike Shop Gift Card Promotion: Get a free $20 gift card with every $100 gift card you buy.

Smart Trainer Bundles: Save big, and we provide free in-home installation too!

Emergency Bike Supplies: We are giving you access to one of our supplier catalogs. You can buy tubes, tires, CO2 cartridges, nutrition… you name it, and it will be drop shipped to your house by Fed-Ex. If you have to buy online, support a local business while you do it!

Tri Scottsdale Fit Special: Password: "triscottsdaleLogic" Save $100 on our Fit with pressure. There are only 10 of these available.

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