Wednesday Canal Run

Wed, 3 Jun
from 5:30am to 6:30am

by Nadia Munoz
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Time zone: Arizona
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Ends: 06:30am (duration is about 1 hour)

Speed and Efficiency work according to a seasonal build plan. Workouts will be posted here prior to the workout. Illumination required.

Purpose of these is to build muscular endurance and toughness, so you want to push a little harder, but not so hard that you can’t make it 6 minutes (plus the squats) without drama.

For the rest intervals, try to stay active (speedwell, jog etc.) for the first 30-60 seconds and then do 10-15 squats with your best form prior to taking off for the next interval. You are trying to “preload” the quads a little. Personally, I find it easier to raise my heels a little for these if possible. (ie maybe have my heels on an area that is raised 1/2 inch or so)

-15 min easy
-5 min drills
-6 × 6 min moderately hard, 90s ACTIVE easy RI’s with 10-15 squats before next take off
-10 min easy cooldown

The route


Luci's at the Grove


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